Charity in the Life
of Vladimir Krupchak

Vladimir Krupchak is one of the largest, most go-ahead charity-givers and philanthropists in Pomorye. The enterprises of Titan Group of Companies, created by him, and the Arkhangelsk PPM developed and implemented an extensive social responsibility program under his direction.

For more than two decades, these companies have been helping residents of the Arkhangelsk region, supporting community-based initiatives important for the region, and donating funds to non-profit organizations.

Under the leadership of an active businessman, the enterprises he headed, turned into modern, productive and profitable structures. GC Titan and APPM are the largest taxpayers of the region, but it's not the only their contribution to the improvement of well-being in Russia.

The enterprises implement a charity policy, and due to a significant footprint of the holding, many districts of the region receive its support. These enterprises and Vladimir Krupchak personally never remain uninvolved in the problems of society and vulnerable segments of population.

Over the past 30 years, they have provided free help to Pomorye in the amount of more than 220 million RUB, annually granting part of the profits to charity, development of socially significant initiatives and projects, and preservation of rich historical, cultural and religious heritage of the region.

On the photo: Vladimir Krupchak
At the same time, amount of aid is steadily growing. For example, in 2018, APPM alone allocated more than 30 million RUB to charity projects, while in 2012 the volume of donation amounted to about 2 million RUB. The fundamental merit of Vladimir Krupchak here is obvious: for many years he has been the head of the boards of directors of the holding enterprises and now, as a member of the board of directors, he takes an active part in managing their activities, including charity.

Aid to Children

A native of the Russian North, Vladimir Krupchak, throughout his professional career, has been helping children of Pomorye who need medical care, were left without parental care, and were orphaned. In addition to the charitable arm at the enterprises of the Titan holding and at the Arkhangelsk PPM, Vladimir Krupchak also participates in charity as a private person. The entrepreneur transferred the entire salary that he received as a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation to the children of the orphan home.

For several years, children got 160 thousand RUB every month personally from Krupchak. State budget educational institution "Bobrovsky orphanage for orphans and children left without parental care", which is supported by Vladimir Krupchak, is under a patronage of GC Titan.
Since 2000, the holding has been transferring funds to the children of orphanage for various purposes, organizes holidays and pays for university education after the orphanage.

Children get all necessary student books, clothes, sport equipment and books.

APPM, in its turn, is paying treatment facilities and medical assistance for children with disabilities in Novodvinsk, gives them support in social integration, granting for this purpose no less than 700 thousand RUB annually.

Under the auspices of the mill, a public organization was created to help children with physical disabilities, and APPM constantly sends funds for its development and work.
State budget educational institution "Bobrovsky orphanage for orphans and children left without parental care" in Rembuyevo
Vladimir Krupchak helps not only orphans, but also children from large families, needy families. They regularly receive New Year's gifts, copybooks for studies, etc. Other areas of activity of the entrepreneur and holding enterprises:

  • assistance to kindergartens and schools of the Arkhangelsk region - financing, support-in-kind (copybooks and other necessary items);
  • acquisition of the mobile health complex "Children's Health" and financing of other medical programs;
  • material support for children and youth organizations – schools of Novodvinsk (art schools and sport schools), aeromodelling club and choreographic group, Youth Centre and robotics club;
  • participation in the program "Let's Help Children of Pomorye" (allocation of funds to multi-purpose centers and homes for orphans) and other projects.

Support for Book Printing and Preservation
of Culture and History of the Arkhangelsk Region

Vladimir Krupchak initiated the publication of about 20 books. Support for publishing and educational activities is one of the main charitable areas of the entrepreneur. The list of publications includes essays on the history of Pomorye (Arctic Convoys, Solovetsky Shipboy School and other interesting chapters of history), reports on archaeological finds, historical researches.
Part of the printed books is given to the libraries of the region. For example, a series about the Russian Arctic (231 volumes) was handed over to Dobrolyubovka (Arkhangelsk Regional Scientific Library named after N.Dobrolyubov), and it was paid by the GC Titan, APPM and Sawmill 25 CJSC.

Funds were also allocated for the publication of the second part of the book "The thread of memory should not break off" and other books.

One of the publications sponsored by the entrepreneur is dedicated to excavations in the area near Anthonievo-Siysky Monastery, where the remains of the Russian Tsar John VI were discovered. The holding and specifically APPM allocated not less than 6 million RUB for historical and archaeological work in Kholmogory and the publication of reports on their results.

One of the books published with assistance of Vladimir Krupchak
Vladimir Krupchak pays special attention to the projects for the restoration of monasteries, assistance to churches and parishes of the region. For this work, he received the Order for Beneficence - personally from the hands of Patriarch Alexy II, who hosted the entrepreneur in his residence in Peredelkino.

Charity in Social Sphere

One of the areas of Vladimir Krupchak biography is the supporting of public organizations and regional development projects. GC Titan pays for the performances of artists at the City Day in Arkhangelsk, APPM - in Novodvinsk, they also provide financial and organizational support to hold blues and jazz festivals. By its 15th anniversary, GC Titan has restored part of the central city street - the street named after Chumbarov-Luchinsky, having allocated more than 4 million RUB.
Under the guidance of V. Krupchak, Arkhangelsk PPM allocates money for housing programs for young families, including employees of the holding's enterprises. APPM invested more than 40 million RUB in it.

Financing is also provided for Novodvinsk hospitals: under the project "Together we can do more", the Social Service Centre receives medicine and adaptation tools, and the central city hospital receives financial assistance.

Money is allocated for the social initiatives award, for assistance to municipal administrations and non-profit associations:

Vladimir Krupchak
  • Union of Afghanistan Veterans, Union of Russian Journalists.
  • Organizations of persons with disabilities, veterans.
  • Sports federations of wrestling, floorball, applied fire-fighting sport.
  • Environmental and other organizations.

Investments in social programs that help improve life in the region are constantly increasing. Vladimir Krupchak keeps paying a lot of attention to charity, continuing and developing the traditions of sincere Russian charity.